Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Now that I'm an experienced blogger...

Let's take some time to get to know me. You're all going to be avid readers of these posts, so you might as well know now what you're getting in to.

I'm going to be writing about sports, music, entertainment, and travel. I do some writing on the side. That's what takes up just about all of my time. If you don't care about any of those things--and really, who can honestly say that none of those are interests of theirs--then don't read this blog again. Ever. Seriously. Just don't. for sports. I'm a Redskins fan. I love the NFL, but it doesn't compare to NCAA football in any way shape or form. College football (Go Hokies) has more passion, more flare, more excitement, better fans, and more meaning than any pro sport could ever hope to have. As soon as you start paying the players, it becomes a business more than a passion. College basketball is fun, but aside from Virginia Tech, I don't watch much until March. I'll watch playoff NBA (my allegiances change regularly)...this year I like the Celtics--I was fans of all three of those guys before they played for Boston--the Pistons, and the Wiz. Don't like baseball but I'll poke fun at the fans sometimes. Can't follow hockey. I'm all about World Cup soccer, but the MLS is painfully boring.

Music...I'm a bit of a rap aficionado. I don't care about the message it sends. Give me a good beat and good lyrical flow and that's all I need. I'll dabble in a little rock and alternative. Can't hate the oldies. Despite an alleged sighting of me at a Toby Keith concert, I try to avoid country music. Punk/emo/screamo/grunge/metal/etc. is garbage in my eyes. Sorry...I know...the emo kids are going to cry about that, too.

Entertainment...I'm a huge movie-goer. I like comedies, action movies, crime dramas, thrillers. Basic stuff. I steer clear of the horror flicks 'cause I just don't get the point. They're all so predictable and cheesy. I'll take a Superbad or a Super Troopers, Van Wilder or How High any day. Big fan of Bruce Willis, Denzel, and (ashamedly) Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. I can't explain it...but I always smell what he's cooking. I follow Brotherhood, Californication, Entourage, and The Wire on TV (On Demand may be the greatest invention of modern times). I do contract work for a little software company in Pittsburgh that requires a bit of travel here and there. If I'm not going anywhere for work, I have a few spots I'd like to get to. Jackson Hole, Wyoming might be the most beautiful place in the country. I'd love to hit up the tropics sometime soon, maybe take a cruise to the Virgin Islands. Tour Europe on a vespa. Road trip across America in an RV with two or three friends, a dog, and a map.

Other than that, what you see is what you get. As soon as I get a little more familiar with this 'blog' thing, these posts will get more interesting. There will be color photos and illustrations with captions. Maybe videos and songs. Who knows. It's the world wide web...the possibilities are endless.

Suggestions for improvement are welcome. Please leave comments.

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