Sunday, September 21, 2008

This Weekend in Sports

First of all, I have to recognize the catalyst for our sports karma for the last two weekends. Since the birth of my niece, Virginia Tech and the Redskins are a combined 4-0. In three of the four games, the wins have of the come-from-behind variety, and all four have been hard fought, and not necessarily expected wins. So, it has been good. Unfortunately for ASU, Addie's good luck does not stretch to the west coast. "My" Sun Devils are not doing so well, going 0-2, including an overtime loss to a horrible UNLV program.

However, I'm not really interested in talking about that. Most of you know that I don't much care for baseball. But today, I decided to switch off the Cowboys v. Packers Sunday night matchup in order to watch the Orioles and the Yankees close out Yankee Stadium. I've never been to Yankee Stadium. But I do know the recent trend in baseball hasn't been a very positive one. The majority of the games don't even fill the stadiums at half capacity. I believe the Marlins (could have my facts wrong) are lucky to get 1,000 people. Judging by the O's games I've been to, things aren't much better further up the cost.

But Yankee Stadium is electric right now. I can sense it through the TV (mind you, a pretty nice new HDTV I treated myself to). I think it's more impressive that I can sense the emotion in the fans and the players in a sport I never watch, nor care about. Just thought it was worth mentioning. With each Yankee who steps up to the plate, or on to the mound, the fans go wild. Cameras flash endlessly, capturing every last moment of history for the people who shelled out top dollar to attend this game.

Anyhow, here is my good-bye to the Yankee Stadium I never knew I'd miss.

(As an afterthought, it's unfortunate that the Oriole's are losing. But it seems fitting; I wouldn't want the Yankees to lose the last game in that stadium. And as I type this, the Yankees got the final out at first in the top of the 9th.)

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