Saturday, January 17, 2009

Back from Vacation

So much has been going on since we last spoke.

I've been home. My sister got married. Christmas happened. New Year's, too, back in Tempe. Virginia Tech finally won the Orange Bowl. I finally made it to Sedona and beyond.

Melissa and I decided last week to take a quasi-spontaneous road trip through northern Arizona. We packed up and left on Monday with a hotel room for Monday night in Page, AZ. The rest of the trip was going by the seat of our pants.

I'll chronicle this trip in a three entry series with pictures.

In the meantime, a few quips about everything else that's happening.

I passed all my classes. It wasn't pretty, but I'm officially a 1.5L (my own term...I don't know if that's the accepted legal terminology). I dropped over $700 on text books for the spring.

Liz is married. The wedding was a blast. She had it at St. John's College in Annapolis. The reception was beautiful. Beautiful bride. I'm glad to have Zach in the family.

My two weeks at home were way too busy. I tried to squeeze everyone in at least once. I know I missed some people. But I did my best. It was great seeing the people I did see.

We (me, Melissa, her aunt and grandfather, and my mom) took a trip into DC to do a little museum-ing. It was a very nice last day in Maryland. Melissa's parents took us to a Maryland basketball game (a win over American). I got all sorts of fun things for Christmas. No complaints at all.

Back in Tempe for New Years, we went to the Insight Bowl (Kansas over Minnesota), then to Tempe Town Lake for a block party and rang in the New Year's with Styx. I met Elvis.

A McDaniel/Haik family trip to Sedona after that was a blast, too, except that I was really sick. Came down with a vicious cold/fever combo that knocked me out for a few days. I'm still recovering.

Moving on to post-road trip things...I have little to say. The rest I'll cover in my Great American Northern Arizona Road Trip 2009 series.

Dreading classes starting again on Tuesday. I was just getting used to all this free time.

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