Monday, February 2, 2009

Northern AZ Road Trip: Part 2(b)

Forgot to mention in the last post...when we got into Page, we quickly discovered that there were (a) no good restaurants, at least judging by the look of the decor; and (b) nothing was open past 9. This was difficult, since we got checked into the hotel at about 8:30.

We circled around the town a few times thinking we were missing a turn to something fun and worthwhile. Finally, we landed at Fiesta Mexicana. We came in the wrong entrance and had to walk through the whole dining room to get to anyone who could help us out. We noticed that the entire restaurant was empty and closed looking. We found the bar, where the bartender and barbacks were all just hanging out. They assured us it was okay if we kept them open a little late.

So, we sat down. The bartender waited on us, had great recommendations. And made great (albeit huge) margaritas. And the food was incredible. Best Mexican food we've had since we moved out west.

So, that was that.

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