Friday, May 2, 2008

I'm a Sun Devil

I got a rejection from UCLA today, which was equal parts expected and disappointing. I think it's for the best. Phoenix looks like it would be a much better fit for me, whether UCLA is a better school or not. I was never sure if I was ready for the LA lifestyle. I'm confident I could have fit in fine, but it would have taken a serious learning curve. Phoenix is going to be different, too, but fortunately I'll be in Tempe, which is sort of part of Phoenix, but isn't quite in the city, which makes it smaller and easier to handle. I grew up in Annapolis, and have only lived in Blacksburg aside from here, so I'm not exactly a big city fish.

Now I have to get my head in to the Arizona State mindset.

Things to do:
1. Dislike Arizona Wildcats.
2. Try to gain for respect Pac-10 football while disliking its other member schools.
3. Become Arizona Cardinals fan (don't worry, the Redskins will always be my team).
4. Dislike the remainder of the NFC West. This includes the Seahawks (sorry Darryl Tapp), the 49ers (sorry Josh Morgan), and the Rams (sorry Vince and Josh Hyman). I'll still cheer for you all individually, but you need to leave me and my Matt Leinart alone.
5. Become a Diamondbacks fan.
6. Become a Suns fan.
7. Find a place to live.
8. Learn about all the great things Phoenix and the surrounding area has to offer.
9. Force all of my friends and family to come visit once I get settled in.
10. Attend class/earn Juris Doctor.
11. Get out of debt.
12. Build my empire.

I'm going to miss a lot of things on the East Coast. Particularly all my friends and family. I'm going to miss the birth of my first nephew/niece. I'll be back for Matt's wedding and for my sister's. I'll miss being a part of the Flag Monkeys. I'll miss Blacksburg being a drive away. I'll miss Annapolis as a whole, and being on the water. Camping in Shenandoah. Sailing on the Bay. Spring nights in the hammock on the back deck, sipping homemade Mojitos. Cool weather. My current house, and the homes I grew up in. Knowing that my best friends (most of them) are right around the corner (and maybe down the highway, some further than others). Floods downtown, and the occasional snowfall. Green trees everywhere. Ocean City, New York, DC, Baltimore, Philly, and Boston all being a drive away. Summers in Nantucket.

I don't want or expect the things to come to outweigh or outnumber the things I'll miss. But they had better be worth the trip.

I uprooted myself completely to go to Virginia Tech and it was probably the best decision I ever made. Sure, the Hokies will be endlessly frustrating in the sports world. We may never get over the hump and win a National Championship in football. Or in basketball, for that matter, though I think we have a shot. We are dominating in the non-revenue sports right now, but who really cares about that? But, the point is, I picked up and left everything I knew to go to Blacksburg. I made a new life for myself and loved (almost) every minute of it. I can only hope I have a similar experience in Tempe, only more schooling, and more on the line.

Guess we'll just have to wait and see. For now, I want to enjoy my last summer as a free man. Anyone who wants to join me, I'm up for anything. Throw some ideas my way, and if it's worth it, I'm there. This will be my summer of spontaneity (job permitting).


Anonymous said...

so apparently a lot more was on your mind than you were saying the other night...

good that you're staying positive about tempe, keep it up because you'll be just fine

Anonymous said...

awww. sam, we'll miss you too. this post just made everything seem a lot more real of you going out there, and even though i'm talking to you online right now, i wanted to leave this, my first comment on your blog to tell you that i'll miss you.