Thursday, January 3, 2008

Warm for the holidays...except not

Miami was supposed to be my quick summer getaway in the winter time. Sunny and warm on South Beach. But instead, we brought with us the windy chill of Blacksburg. Coldest night in Miami in 5 years last night. It didn't stop us from enjoying ourselves though.

I met up with several other Hokies (and randomly ran in to a couple I didn't expect to see). Also hung out with an old Seminole fan from back in my Melting Pot hosting days.

After set up at the stadium took three times as long as expected, Justin and I headed back to our resort and got cleaned up. This Doral Golf Resort and Spa is absolutely ridiculous. I can't count the number of heated pools, hot tubs, waterfalls, palm trees, man-made beaches, or anything else I can list to describe paradise. Indescribable. I took a bunch of pictures last night, hopefully they turn out. I haven't taken any in the daylight, and, unfortunately, may not. So we'll cross our fingers and assume the night shots look good.

So...nothing really to do today. I got another bowl gift watch (all I seem to get, which isn't bad, but a sweatshirt or something would be nice).

Heading to the stadium around 4ish. For the time being, I'm just relaxing and thinking about the Hokies bringing home an Orange Bowl championship.

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