Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Phoenix/Tempe: Day 2

House hunting part two was a relative success.

I've narrowed my housing choices down to two houses. Now I have to figure out if I can afford them. I spent some time with a lender at Bell Mortgage and got some proposals worked up. Houses are expensive, apparently. Who knew?

I'm waiting for a few responses from various people before I take the next step and actually make an offer on a house.

As for the rest of the trip, I think morale is somewhat low. We haven't had a lot of time to enjoy the area. It's been all business, and I'm stressed out.

We did go down to Mill Ave last night (the downtown bar/restaurant/shopping strip) to get a feel for it. It's pretty cool. It's the offseason, so I think the locals are a little odd at the moment. When school is in session, I'm sure it will be more interesting. We escaped the heat with a frozen margarita from Fat Tuesdays, then went to PF Changs to eat and watch the Celtics embarrass the Lakers to win it all. I think that game was an embarrassment to the league, the Lakers, and the Celtics. By the time the C's were up by 30, it was clearly over. They didn't need to run the court and showboat like they did. I understand the excitement, but it was classless. I'm happy they won, though.

After dinner, we walked around Tempe some. It was dark, but we tried to get some pictures of Sun Devil Stadium (ASU's football stadium, former home of the Fiesta Bowl, current home of the Insight Bowl). We headed home around 10:30 and passed out almost instantly. House hunting is exhausting. The temperature reached 121 degrees on Tuesday.

We are going to try to enjoy today, relax a little. I have a lot on my mind, but can hopefully push it to the back burner and relax. Maybe tubing or hiking or sitting out by the pool. First and foremost, I'm starving. Breakfast is a priority.


Jon said...

Maybe I've got on green-colored glasses, but I don't see anything classless about the way the Celtics played. LA gave up early in the third - it would have been classless for the Celtics to stop playing to win that early in the game.

And the alley-oop reverse dunk was from one Celtics backup to another, wasn't it? If LA can't defend that, it's not the Celtics' fault.

Saying this as a Celtics fan who hates the Lakers, I think nothing the Celtics did comes close to Phil Jackson throwing his own players under the bus, one after the other, for poor performances. I think nothing the Celtics did comes close to Kobe's incessant whining about fouls.

But maybe I got caught up in Celtics excitement, too, and just didn't see it.

L said...

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