Thursday, June 26, 2008

Phoenix Wrap Up, and my Birthday

Ultimately decided not to buy a house just yet. Too many unknowns with roommates, the market, the area, my income and finances, etc., to be worth adding the stress of home ownership to the first year of law school. I'll rent for a bit and see where things go from there.

I have been unaggressively looking for a place to rent on

My birthday is tomorrow. I'll be 25, which feels depressingly old to me. I realize there are more years ahead of me still than behind me, which is a good sign of relative youth, but looking at three years of school before I can begin work in a very competitive field sort of puts things in a harsh perspective. I'm going to be a late bloomer in the 'financially successful' category, though I'm confident I will get there.

Friday night, some people are coming in to town to hang out for the weekend. Others are showing up Saturday throughout the day. My traditional crab feast is on Saturday, and it looks like we'll get a lot of people passing through, but not a big crowd for the long haul. Too many people have weekend jobs, other things to do that take more priority somehow. Should be good times nonetheless. I'm looking forward to the whole weekend.

I leave for Nantucket on Monday at 2am with Liz and Zack. We're driving up, and then I fly back Friday (making the plans, I didn't realize Friday was the 4th of July). I land at 2:10, and am due at work at 5:30 that night. Nooch.

It'll be nice to get a week off, though.

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