Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bills at Cardinals

I apologize for the poor chronology of my posts. This one is a week overdue, and it follows my Taliesin West trip from yesterday.

Anyhow, thanks to a friend at the law school, I got my hands on four tickets to the Cardinals game last weekend. We took the Haiks, who have been extremely good to us (especially me since I came out here), as a half birthday present for Diane/half nice gesture to give something back.

Melissa put together a pretty delicious medley of tailgating food - a chili bean dip, some tuna salad, and guacamole. The Haiks brought chicken and some cheeses and salsa. Everyone brought lots of beer and water. We got there about an hour and a half before the game, and lucked out by parking next to a guy with a satellite radio broadcasting the Redskins v Eagles game (poor timing to speak highly of the Redskins, I know).

We headed inside right around kickoff and found our seats, which were pretty great. Very low, only about 20 rows up from the field, in the corner of the end zone.

We got a good view of the upset. And of several people getting arrested for fighting in front of us. Cardinals knocked the Bills out of the ranks of the unbeaten with a pretty solid win.

Good times had by all.

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