Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Midterm's Eve

Tomorrow constitutes my first real test--literally and figuratively--as a law student. I guess. One could argue that moving out here with no ties to the state of Arizona, no friends, and no knowledge of the area was my first figurative test. In fact, all sorts of figurative tests could be applied to my experiences since August 15th. But just because I'm studying to become a lawyer, doesn't mean I need to argue this with you.

So for argument forbearance's sake, let's say this midterm is my first test as a law student. Like that? I'm using real live legal terms. Get used to it.

I have kept up with all my reading all semester and attended every class thus far, which is more than I can say for my eight undergraduate semesters (sorry Mom). It's not quite to the point where I'm inspired by learning, but I am motivated to make the best of the money I am spending here. I have matured enough since undergrad to realize I'm here for my own betterment, and I should act accordingly.

The last week or so, I have started to review information and draft outlines after compiling all my class notes and reading notes, as well as some of the notes of my classmates. I know everyone has different styles of learning. Unfortunately, mine is not conducive to classrooms, lecturing, or reading text books. The only way I learn things is by interactively applying the information. If I can have one conversation about a topic with someone who knows what they're saying (or maybe even knows a little bit about what they're saying), I can usually shelve the information for later retrieval.

I'm rambling. Must be my guilt for neglecting the ol' blog recently.

So I have spent time "synthesizing my facts" as they say here, and now (hopefully) have complete outlines for both of my midterms (Contracts Thursday morning; Civil Procedure Friday afternoon). But all the while, I have felt like I'm not putting in the effort that the other law kids are. I feel like I've done all the outlining I can. I've gone over the example questions. I did well on those. But I have been bored with nothing more to do while everyone else plugs away, stressed and overwhelmed. Maybe I'm too disconnected from academia to be stressed yet. I just hope I don't get a rude awakening after the midterms.

But, I'll give it my best shot in the morning. I can't see how hard it could be. I'm familiar with the concepts, theories, and terms. And both midterms are open note. What could go wrong?

Wish me luck.