Saturday, June 13, 2009

Piazzale Michelangelo

This area comes highly recommended by just about everyone who has been to Florence. It's on top of a hill just south of the Arno and east of the Duomo. It offers the best view of the city of Florence. I don't have a whole lot to say about it that pictures won't tell, so I won't waste your time with filler here.

Other than that, we met up with the French girls/guy and walked around a street market for a little while. Then, we lost all but one of them in the crowds, then found one more with her Italian friend, and we trekked down to the Piazzale. This square, like countless other spots in Florence--and Italy for that matter--centers around a reproduction of Michelangelo's David. This statue is everywhere. I'd like to see the original, though I'll admit I don't know where it is kept at the moment. I'm guessing the Louvre, but that is an entirely uneducated guess. There's even a chance it is in DC. Two minutes of research could save me the embarrassment of letting everyone read this, but that just wouldn't be my style.
The important thing is that the view from the Piazzale is unparalleled (any of you VT people reading this--Will--you could say it is "Nonpareil"). We plan to return for a sunrise or a sunset at least once for some quality photo-ops. Until then, enjoy the photos from the hottest day we have had thus far.

We paused at a fountain half way up the hill to dip our feet in and cool off.

Claire and Solene are two of the French students: very nice girls.

Along the way, we got some nice shots of the Arno, although the river itself is probably the single filthiest body of water I have ever seen, with the only possible exception being the stagnant puddles of water that result from the melting of huge piles of plowed snow in mall parking lots that have turned jet black from car exhaust.

We are off to eat dinner at a buffet, if we can find it, where we are told you pay 8 Euro (about $11) for an all you can eat experience that includes drinks. I'm so excited at the prospect that I can barely contain myself. Here's to hoping it is delicious.



Jon said...

Wikipedia says that the original David is actually in Florence, at the Accademia Gallery. So it looks like you shouldn't have much trouble getting to see it.

Barb said...

you wondering where the david is located has left me wondering why we got you a guidebook.... :)

Sam Says said...

Haha I knew I'd get a comment about the guide book. I have looked through part of it, but it is a lot of information, so I haven't gotten everywhere yet.

We are going to see David tomorrow.