Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Live Blogging Episode 5: Couched

And we finally sat down to eat. After a great, long day of cooking, we get to enjoy the fruits of our labor. I've been trying to enjoy the moment, as they say, recently, rather than constantly think about what else I could be doing at any given moment. It's a hard transition to make, especially since I have no idea why I'm not capable of it in the first place.

But I enjoyed today. Except I found myself easily distracted.


Dinner was a monumental success. The turkey was cooked perfectly (thanks to the advice from my dad, my sister, and Mel's mom). I carved it, albeit slightly unconventionally, successfully as well.

Turkey: A+

The green beans turned out a little wet. Still tasty, but very runny and not quite as casseroley.

Green beans: B-

The mashed potatoes were a very good consistency. Very creamy, a little lumpy (how we like it). Could have used a little more unhealthiness for flavor.

Mashed potatoes: A-

The sweet potatoes were out of this world. I wish I could divulge the secret recipe. I saved them for last.

Sweet potatoes: A+

Stuffing was good as well. I had already gotten a taste of the stuffing other night when Mel jumped the gun on cooking T-day style. I knew what I was getting into this time around.

Stuffing: A

Cranberry sauce was quality. I'm not a big fan of cranberry in general, but it was a great complement to the rest of the dishes.

Cranberry Sauce: A

We made little whole wheat dinner rolls that I was not too fond of. I didn't ask Mel what she thought of them, but neither of us went back for seconds.

Dinner rolls: C

Our appetizer might have been the crown jewel. Brie baked with honey, almond slices, apple slices, pear slices, and halved grapes. Served over toasted wheat French bread and Breton crackers (greatest crackers in the world).

Brie and Cheese Platter: A+

Overall grade: A+ (Yep. I used a very complex formula to determine this grade. You wouldn't understand if I tried to explain it. It is a combination of hours worked, ingredients included, enjoyment of experience, pleasure of company, taste of food, quality of work space, and other elements).

I'm being encouraged to mention that while Melissa is eating her third serving, I have yet to return for seconds. Dessert!

The whole spread. Bon appetit!

I'm carving away. Antsy to get eating.

That's the young man himself, basking in all his glory.

Us. Obviously.

The brie and fruit platter.

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Julie said...

I'm thinking next year Tim & I need to go to AZ for Mel's Thanksgiving feast. Everything you guys made looks so delicious... especially the brie (we started our dinner off with that too.... so yummy!).
Thanks for posting all this, it's fun to read how your's & my much-missed sister's thanksgiving went :)