Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Live Blogging Episode 3: Coming Together

Cranberry concoction: check.

Brie with honey, almonds, pears, grapes, and apples: ready for baking. (I didn't mention this in the last blog. But I have pictures to prove its existence. Read on.)

Mashed potatoes: boiled and ready for mashing. (We took the peelings from some of the potatoes and fried them with olive oil, garlic, rosemary, gray salt, and pepper and snacked on some homemade potato chips).

Sweet potatoes: mashed and ready for cooking, casserole style. The recipe is again being omitted to preserve secrecy (McD Specialty Dish). Waiting for marshmallows (added against the head chef's better judgment for my sake).

Green Bean Casserole: ready for baking, mixed with chopped mushrooms soaked in Worcestershire, organic cream of celery soup, unsalted butter thinly sliced on top. Waiting for crispy onion toppings (the salad kind, not the canned).

Stuffing, pumpkin pie, dinner rolls: coming soon.

The apartment smells like holidays. We're pushing on.

Beginnings of the green been casserole.

Hot potato jacuzzi party!

Sweet potatoes, mid-mashing.

The brie plate, reminiscent of the Middleton's experience.

Our own potato chips. One of the most successful parts of the day, thus far.

Ingredients, before my Ginsu chopping was employed.

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