Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Driving Across America: The End

Saturday, May 23rd

The final stretch. We had eight hours to drive. It's Saturday. It's Memorial Day Weekend.

This was the most uneventful leg, but unfortunately it is a necessary part of all trips. Because I had been catching grief all trip that Melissa was spending more time driving than I was, I volunteered to drive the entire final day. This won brownie points, but it stunk. Driving on a holiday weekend to complete a fun, 3,200 mile trip, is not fun. On the bright side, we had a lot to look forward to, getting home and seeing our families and friends in the MD.

The purpose of this post is to do nothing more than officially announce that we made it, safe and sound. We drove 3,222 miles in about 7 and a half days (left Tempe on Saturday morning at 10am, arrived in Severna Park on the following Saturday night at 6pm).

Top 10 Most Memorable: Good, Bad, and Ugly
10. Potter's Nuts
9. The Vail Gas Fiasco
8. Dining at the St. Clair Winery and Bistro
7. Driving through the night to catch an Austin sunrise (the good) and the subsequent search for a diner (the bad), resulting in a breakfast at IHOP (the ugly)
6. The Great Savannah Sandal Malfunction
5. "Dat Ozaka!"
4. When Swamp Rats Attack
3. San Antonio: Bohanan's, River Walk, and of course we remember the Alamo
2. The great company and great hospitality of all of our hosts (Brittany and Ross, the Reids, and Amanda, and sort of the Holiday Inn Express in San Antonio, but not so much the New Orleans HIX)
1. Conquering one of my dreams - driving across America - and sharing it with all of you

So...thank you all again for reading. I hope you enjoyed sharing our adventures as much as we enjoyed experiencing them (and I enjoyed writing about them).

Stay tuned for my exclusive Italy Travelogumentary, coming soon. Trip starts June 5th.

More Pictures from the Trip

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