Saturday, May 16, 2009

Driving Across America

For those of you reading at home, we are officially under way on our great American road trip.

Packing up the 321 and moving out of Cityscape was a chore the likes of which you couldn't imagine. Lesson learned: never, ever, live on the third floor of an apartment building with no elevator. If you must, make sure the furniture is not yours, and does not need to move with you.

We started the day around 730am and didn't stop until about midnight, when we finally passed out.

One full-to-the-brim 10x10 storage unit later, we are out of Tempe for the summer.

I dropped my car off for safe-keeping at the Gulleys, we stayed the night at the Haiks, and as soon as we shower and eat breakfast, we are taking Melissa's Curve (her affectionate name for her CR-V) to explore the wild frontier.

Leg 1: We will take the 10 east through Tucson to the New Mexico border, where the road passes through Las Cruces and then slides down through El Paso, TX. The plan is to keep driving until we can't stand it anymore. We want to be as close to San Antonio tonight as possible.

Stay tuned for a final update tonight.

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