Friday, May 22, 2009

Driving Across America: Leg 6

Friday, May 22nd
The final day of fun on our trip.

We decided to stay one extra day in Myrtle Beach. So we slept in, got up and slowly got ourselves together before heading towards the beach to get lunch. We didn't really have a specific destination, so we just found N. Ocean Blvd. and started driving up and down until we found a place that looked like it might have a decent lunch with tables overlooking the beach. It is "black biker week" according to the locals, so the town is busier than usual. We finally settled on a place, the name of which I cannot remember, at the 2nd Avenue Pier. We got a burger and some chicken tenders. They were about as decently average as cheap boardwalk food can be. With more research, I'm sure we could have found something more impressive. But they served beer in a can and they had free parking, so we were content. After that, we headed up to 48th St. to hit the beach where Amanda could find us when she got off work.

We ended up on 47th - no big deal - and set up camp. The people in our immediate vicinity were annoying, but at this point we thought we were only going to lay out for an hour at the most before heading back to Maryland. Once we found out Amanda's friend Garrett (I hope I spelled that right) was bringing cornhole (bean bag toss, for those of you who have never spent time in the south), we decided to stay and hang out.

So, we stayed on the beach long enough for all of us to catch a decent amount of sun. Turns out some people are not naturally good at bean bag toss. But we had fun. Eventually, we called it quits to go get dinner at Sugami's, Amanda's favorite local sushi place. She claims to be an expert on local sushi and that this place was the best Myrtle Beach had to offer. We ordered several rolls (I hardly even looked at the menu, letting the girls pick everything, so I don't know what we got) and they were all delicious. We wolfed everything down, hung out for a bit, then headed home. We were treated to dinner here as well, which was incredibly nice.

Once we got home, we quickly made our way to the super hot tub that had a TV with cable and a DVD player as well as surround sound. It also had variable jets, lights that gradually change colors, and if I failed to mention it before, a built-in TV with cable, a DVD player, and surround sound. Pretty awesome - something to aspire to.

Now, I'm sitting once again in the most luxurious bed I have ever experienced. It is time for an early bed so that we are well rested for the final, eight hour leg of our cross-country tour.

I will be back in Annapolis (or at least Severna Park) tomorrow evening. See everyone very soon!

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