Sunday, December 2, 2007

BCS Bungle

Not sure how they came up with their selections, but for the most part, they seem pretty reasonable.

Despite the fact that Virginia Tech is ranked #1 in the computers, the media aren't high on the Hokies and so they relegated them to the #3 spot overall. But drawing Kansas in the Orange Bowl is definitely a good thing. I'm looking forward to the match up.

I couldn't be happier about Pitt upsetting the Mo'Town Mount-me-neers and dashing their title hopes. The Big East is a joke, and everyone should realize it. Here's to hoping Oklahoma wins by 28.

LSU should make quick work of a slow, rusty, and overrated Buckeye squad. I think I, along with most of rational America, would have preferred to see Oklahoma or even USC in the title game against LSU. But OSU rolled through the magnificent Big Teneleven as usual with zero quality wins and tip-toed their way in to another BCS Championship game.

Hawai'i gets my vote. I'd love to see them pull out a win. They are facing a Georgia team that is as good as anyone in the country right now. We'll see if the Samoan Warriors are for real when Knowshon rumbles in to N'Awlins for the matchup.

USC against Illinois is a joke. There is absolutely no reason to have Illinois in a BCS game. Basically, they ran out of good teams to include, so Illinois defaulted. Missouri got snubbed worse than Auburn a couple years ago. If the Trojans don't have that game put away in the 2nd quarter, that means they are toying with the Illini.

Non-BCS bowl worth watching: Missouri vs Arkansas in the Cotton Bowl. Might be a better game than most of the BCS match ups.

And that's that. After 14 weeks of excitement and upsets, we have our BCS selections.

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