Sunday, December 16, 2007

Covering a lot of ground here

After a season of perpetual disappointment, heartbreak, false hope, and tragedy in the Redskins camp, I finally resigned myself to accepting our shortcomings. This week, in my fantasy football playoff semifinal, I'm up against the #1 seed, whom I beat to close out the regular season. In what turned out to be a very close match up (only because I benched Aaron Stecker and Tony Scheffler in favor of Marshawn Lynch and Tony Gonzalez), the outcome of the game came down to my defense versus his tight end. Ironically, that would be the Giants DST versus Jeremy Shockey.

All season long, the Redskins offense has been very turnover and sack prone. And the Giants have been very good at causing turnovers and getting sacks. However, tonight, the Redskins exploded for a pretty thorough shellacking of the Giants defense (though they still might not win). So, they pick the one time it really matters to perform. That means I lose anywhere from $100 to $490 in fantasy championship money.

On the other hand, the Giants have looked absolutely pathetic on offense. They must have dropped at least 10 easy-easy-easy passes.

Virginia Tech basketball dropped another close game to ODU today. We had every opportunity to win the game, despite trailing for the entire showdown. The team is just too young. So much talent, but just not very smart on the court yet. They get excited and make rookie mistakes. It's understandable, but it's a frustrating turn from last year's team that was led by three 4-year starters and a couple of experienced sophomores and juniors. I'm very excited to see how Jeff Allen and Malcolm Delaney develop in the next couple years. Even throughout this season, once we get in to the rough 'n' tough of the ACC schedule meat.

In other news...

Christmas is coming all too soon, considering I didn't get my act together and order people's presents online ahead of time. I have about 1 day (tomorrow) to do all my Christmas shopping before I'm out of town for the majority of December. Guess it's going to be a long day. Hopefully it will be painless and efficient. Fortunately, my sister will be joining me for some company and to do some shopping of her own. Maybe once all is said and done I'll find someone who wants to see I Am Legend later on. I wonder if I have any recently unemployed friends who could be free...

I'm excited about my trip to New Orleans on Wednesday. My first trip there was marred with equal portions of illness and sadness. I caught some sort of stomach virus that was so painful I could barely walk. I ate about 3 bites of food the entire 4 days. After suffering through what should have been a Sugar Bowl win for VT over Auburn (one dropped touchdown pass away), I puked at the bus station waiting to get home so that I could suffer in peace and quiet at the house we rented.

This time around, Jay and I will have the city to ourselves. Bowl set up should be pretty cut and dry. We've been to the Superdome before, so they know what we need from them. Jay and I can get things set up quickly and just enjoy the city experience (read: spend the entire trip in the French Quarter and recount our lost memories via photographs when we get home on the 22nd).

That'll about do it for tonight. Long day of busy-ness tomorrow, so I need me some rest.

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