Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.

Well, planes and automobiles at least. Winter travel plans are pretty much set for me. I think I might cover the entire Southeast/Mid-Atlantic region of the US in a one month time span.

Tomorrow, it all begins.

Flying from Baltimore to Kansas City, MO: 1,077 miles.
Driving from Kansas City to Maryville, MO: 93 miles.
Attending: Grand Valley State at Northwest Missouri State DII Football playoff game.
Driving back to Kansas City and flying back to Baltimore: 1,170 miles.
Trip 1 Total: 2,340 miles.

Home for about 2 hours before it all starts again.
Flying from DC to Atlanta: 638 miles.
Driving from Atlanta to Tuscaloosa, AL: 202 miles.
And back to Atlanta: 202 miles.
Driving from Atlanta to Chattanooga, TN: 118 miles.
And back to Atlanta: 118 miles.
Flying back to DC: 638 miles.
Trip 2 Total: 1,916 miles.

Home from the 15th to the 19th, then the much anticipated New Orleans trip comes.
Flying from Baltimore to New Orleans: 1,122 miles.
Attending the New Orleans Bowl, pitting Memphis against FAU.
And double it coming back: 1,122 miles.
Trip 3 Total: 2,244 miles.*
*Note: May not remember Trip 3. Photos to come.

Home from the 22nd until the 29th, when the travel continues. The fourth and final trip for the bowl season is the real killer.
Flying from Baltimore to Nashville, TN: 702 miles.
Attending Music City Bowl: Kentucky vs. Florida State.
Flying from Nashville to Orlando, FL: 687 miles.
Attending Capital One Bowl: Michigan vs. Florida.
Driving from Orlando to Miami, FL: 239 miles.
Attending BCS Orange Bowl: Virginia Tech vs. Kansas.
Flying from Miami to Mobile, AL: 724 miles.
Attending GMAC Bowl: Bowling Green vs. Tulsa.
Flying from Mobile to Baltimore: 1,008 miles.
Trip 4 Total: 3,360 miles.

Total distance traveled between December 6th and January 7th: 9,860 miles.

Game analysis to come as we go. I will try to keep this up as I make it from game to game. I plan to start my own travel brochure for each of the illustrious cities I will call home this December/January. Frommer is going to be crying himself to sleep, come February.

If anyone knows someone who will be, 1) in Nashville for New Years, and is, 2) outgoing and fun, plus 2b) would bring a complete stranger along on their New Years plans, and 3) is less shady than Jacko around children, please let me know. I'll be flying solo in the Music City for New Years Eve.

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