Monday, May 26, 2008

Back from another hiatus

I don't have much going on worth writing about, and thus haven't been writing much.

I've been working too many hours at Carpaccio. Fortunately, they pay double hours for overtime ($6 instead of $3 an hour, woooo). We finally got our paychecks for training a couple days ago, along with our wages since we opened. I'd like to be making more money there, though.

Today will be my last day at the Capital. Spring playoffs are wrapping up, and I won't be in Annapolis in the fall. I hope they find someone who can figure out the stats and the records books without me being there to train them. It was not a well thought out transition on their part. But...not really my problem at this point.

In other news, I've been doing my best to stay busy and enjoy the last few months of relative freedom. I took the day off to watch the Blue Angels last week during Naval Academy Commissioning Week (graduation). On Saturday, I went out boating and tubing with Joe and some of his new richy friends. Very good times. Unfortunately, I got dehydrated and rounded out the day with a killer headache.

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous recently. Yesterday, I went outside and threw a football around before work for a couple hours with Brad and Tony at Melissa/Brad's house. Worked on the ol' summer tan. I had to leave for work, while they all got to stay out and enjoy the day. I thought work would be packed, being the Sunday night before Memorial Day. So wrong. We were dead, as usual.

Arizona State news...I've decided buying a house is the best course of action for moving out there. I'm hoping to be able to do it before I leave in August, but I don't really know how realistic that is. I'm fairly ignorant to the whole process. I'm getting in touch with a real estate agent soon, and hopefully that should get the ball rolling in my direction. I'm nervous and excited. Buying a house is a huge responsibility, but also a big step towards financial stability (in a way). With the housing market dwelling in the basement right now, and with Tempe being an inexpensive place to live at the moment, I feel it's a great time to buy. Sooner the better. Tempe is rapidly growing, and housing costs should be going up shortly.

My plan is to get a four bedroom house as close to campus as possible. With three roommates, my mortgage should be just about covered without me paying too much out of my own pocket. Apparently, for tax purposes, it makes more sense to have roommates pay for utilities, because my mortgage payment is tax deductible, while my utilities are not, unless I'm using a home office. Bonus is the house has a pool (not tax bonus, but staying alive and not melting bonus) and I can afford the upkeep and maintenance. That will be on the long list of questions I have for the realtor.

I have today and tomorrow off at the restaurant. I don't know what to do with myself. I think I will try to get my affairs in order. Clean the room, wash the car, and get serious about plans for the fall. For now, I'm off to the paper for my final encore.


mandie said...

with your days off, you should probably call me.

L said...

look at our boy, just like his great big brother-