Friday, May 2, 2008

Update on the Carpaccio, and other unrelated things

We are officially opening (to friends and family) on Sunday. It's actually going to happen. Open to the public on Thursday most likely. Finally going to have some income again, and hopefully a lot of it.

We have spent several hours over the last few days setting things up, and it finally looks like a real restaurant with tables and place settings and a stocked bar and a functional kitchen. No turning back now.

Brad, Melissa, and I volunteered our entire Friday today to do extra helping work. We were slightly abused and unappreciated by most of the upper management openly, but I'm sure inwardly they really appreciated it. Feels good to be extra helpful, even if you're not well acknowledged.

Not much else worth mentioning at the moment. I think I might be getting sick--at the worst possible time with the 'Pacc ("potch" - our nickname for Carpaccio) opening--with a cold. Getting that blech feeling that accompanies illness.

Recent movies worth seeing...

Forgetting Sarah Marshall = hilarious. Well worth seeing. It got better and better as the movie went on. I can't remember if I've already posted about this movie or not. If I have, sorry to repeat. If not, I give it two thumbs way up.

Harold and Kumar = hilariouser. Barely stopped laughing. I liked it more than the first one. Much more subtle and clever comedy woven in, which are my favorite kinds of funny. Must see.

I find it hard to root for the Wizards against Cleveland. They have been playing kinda dirty all series, and I'd like to see LeBron get a championship while he's still young. I'm still pulling for the Celtics. Don't call it a bandwagon. I have to cheer for a team that imports two of my favorite players in the league (KG and Ray Allen, who has the prettiest jump shot in basketball). I like Paul Pierce, too, even though he's goofy and duck-footed. But I like the Hawks, especially their young guys. My only question to the Hawks is this: Mike Bibby, what are you?

Flag Monkeys are at it again tomorrow. Hoping for a win against our league rivals, the Bombers, formerly known as the Ballyhoo Bombers, who used to run Oklahoma drills to warm up for games, and who were caught filming our practices before facing them in the playoffs a few seasons ago. We hate them, so we would really like to win. Maybe I'll get a shot at quarterback again, where I'm undefeated on the season.

For now, I'm resting up for an 8am wake up call to head to DC. I have to return immediately from the game to get to the 'Pacc for some menu tasting before we open. What has two thumbs and is excited to start making money again?

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