Thursday, May 15, 2008

Preparing for the Journey

I'm beginning the initial preparations (mentally) for my journey across the country.

Against my better judgment, and inspired by my mother, I added a weather notifier to my google homepage set to Tempe. Current temperature, 87 degrees. High by Sunday: 99 degrees. Bad idea.

I also began browsing the website for information about the city. It is considered one of the smartest cities in the area, with 40% of people above 25 having a bachelor's degree, and another 14% on top of that with a graduate degree. The population is about 165,000, which quadruples what I'm used to. Oh well. If it doesn't kill me, it makes me stronger, right? That goes for the heat, too.

Next up: invest in heat gear that doesn't show sweat.

As far as looking for a place to live, I did a little research on neighborhoods around campus. They all look about the same, superficially. The good news: there are palm trees everywhere. Good times. I've never lived around palm trees. It's cheesy, but that's exciting to me. Very tropical and exotic. Maybe this will be like a three year vacation. Haha...

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