Tuesday, May 13, 2008

How to spend the day off

Today was my first day off since about a week before Carpaccio opened. We had training almost every day leading up to our soft open two Sundays ago. I worked every day, sometimes doubles, until today. While I thoroughly enjoyed having a job and making good money again, it was definitely wearing on me. I feel bad for my coworkers who haven't gotten their days off yet. However, there is a certain employee who has already had several days off. I believe this person is not in good graces with management, and has been given several mini-vacations to keep them out of the way.

My initial plan for the day was to wake up relatively early and get back in the gym for the first time since I injured my thumb about a month ago. I ended up being sucked in to late night social hour at Brad and Melissa's, and then slept until noon. I have been sleeping later and later every morning for the past couple weeks, and it's starting to upset me. I haven't slept past 9 consistently in years. I feel very unproductive and wasteful if I'm not awake by 9:30 or so.

Nevertheless, I didn't get to the gym because I had told Brad I'd go get lunch at Jalapenos. We thought other people would join us, but no one did. Good times, regardless. Spent more money than I wanted to, though, since we decided to have a few drinks with food.

I got home and went on with the day's plan, which included cleaning my room and doing my laundry. The room is not only spotless, but I finally broke down the dog crate I had been using as a night stand while maintaining a small amount of false hope that maybe my dog would be brought back to me. I have now conceded that he's not coming back, nor will I likely get to see him again. I guess those are the breaks in custody issues. Maybe I'll get pictures from time to time.

But Erin and Darrell were nice enough to give me a little wooden furniture item that can function as a night stand to replace the aesthetically damaging dog crate that now lives in the basement.

I finally framed and hung the Easton coat of arms that I got for Christmas. After months of sporadic checks at Bed Bath and Beyond to see if the frame I was given with the shield was in stock in black (to match all the other frames in my room), I decided to just frame it with the brown and hope that no one cared. I doubt anyone will say anything/notice who doesn't read my confession here.

After my room was cleansed to a satisfactory level, I took a nap. The drinks had taken their toll. I woke up a little while ago and turned on some NBA playoffs (Detroit vs Orlando). Detroit makes NBA basketball even more boring. Orlando, facing elimination, doesn't have much fire in their eyes.

Maybe I'll go to Blockbuster and rent a movie to enjoy with a little take out for dinner. I was craving Chinese food, but feel odd eating that alone. Chinese carry out is a social event, not to be enjoyed solo-ly.

If I get a good night's sleep tonight and wake up really early, I'll go to the gym before my 10am opening shift tomorrow. Not extremely likely.

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