Saturday, April 12, 2008

Carpaccio Day 2 - Menu Training

This post will be a little more brief because I lost the use of my left thumb (hopefully temporarily) in a football accident (post to follow this one).

We did our first day of menu training yesterday, which consisted mostly of familiarizing ourselves with every selection on the menu. More importantly, we got a crash course in Italian pronunciation. Nevermind that the lesson was taught by an American, despite the fact that an Italian family owns the place. It went pretty well. This guy is going to be the head waiter, and has decent pronunciation after working with the owning family for five years.

Some things to note...the food on this menu sounds fantastic. A few items to note...and in doing this I hope I'm not creating any legal problems. These recipes are not intended to be resold, reproduced, or shared. This is strictly for entertainment. End, lawyer speak.

On the antipasti (appetizers), there is an option for polpettine di granchio, which are mini crab cakes with pimiento peppers, fresh corn, avocado, and a hint of Calebreza chili flakes, served crispy.

Under the Aqua Terra section, hopefully I found my future favorite dish: Bistecca Fiorentina. Eighteen ounce New York prime steak sliced and served Tuscan style topped with sauteed mushrooms, roasted garlic and shaved Parmesan. Served with Tuscan potatoes and spinach (on the steak I think).

Pasta Sensation (cheesy menu section title) has a lot of good choices. The Papardelle Donatello has extra wide egg pasta stained with Chianti wine (no distinguishable effect to the flavor), with mignon tips in a classic Genovese ragu topped with Gorgonzola (I'd prefer Parmesan or Mozzarella).

And our selection of Brickoven Pizzas looks outstanding. It hurts to type so I'll share these later. Or make you come in and see for yourself.

Today, we have a short training session. I don't know what we're covering, but hopefully it is interesting and worthwhile.

Stay tuned.

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