Monday, April 7, 2008

On the Agenda

Lots of things are hopefully going on for me this week.

Tonight is the NCAA Championship Game. Unfortunately, UCLA losing knocked me out of contention in all of my brackets. It would have been one thing if they had lost well, but they got absolutely blown out by a Memphis team that I've been favoring all season. The only reason I didn't pick Memphis to win it all is because they screwed me the last two seasons when I picked them to win it. My spite has come back to bite me. But I'd much rather cheer spitefully for Memphis than see Kansas win anything. I like the players on the Jayhawks (particularly Rush and Super Nintendo Chalmers), but can't in good conscience root for them after the Orange Bowl this year.

Tomorrow, I'm planning a spontaneous trip somewhere. Originally, the options included Ocean City (free place to stay), New York City (free place to stay), a winery tour in VA, or a day in DC (museums) or Baltimore (Body Worlds 2/aquarium). First, I recognize the irony of planning a spontaneous trip. Second, I realize DC and Baltimore don't really count as trips. Just roll with me. Ocean City is out due to weather complications, New York due to time conflicts. The winery tour is out due to laziness, most likely, but hasn't been eliminated completely. Baltimore is the leading candidate.

Wednesday, training at Carpaccio should actually start. Except it won't be at Carpaccio. We have wine training (read: tasting, hopefully) at Greystone Grill across the street. Menu training should follow on Thursday and Friday. Hopefully, this means the restaurant will be opening soon. I could really use a real income.

Saturday, the Flag Monkeys return to action in DC. I'm not sure I'll get to play quarterback again, but I'd like to. We'll have to see who comes to the game.

That's it for now.

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mandie said...

how was your spontaneous/planned trip?