Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Where have you been?

Juggling my busy schedule of not working, hanging out with friends who have recently moved to a much more local locale, training for a restaurant that may never open, and enjoying the beautiful weather we've been having, I haven't had any time to write in this thang. So, here I am.

First of all, it was cool having so many DC teams in the playoffs this year. The 'Skins made it (not really deservedly, in my opinion). Wizards made it, and clearly don't deserve it either. The Caps made it and made a great showing against the Flyers. They couldn't quite eke out the Game 7 win in overtime after coming back from a deficit. But it was the most hockey I've ever watched in my life. Ovechkin is a manimal.

As for Carpaccio, it's the same story, different day. Opening continues to be delayed. Now they're saying we will have our soft open on Monday of this coming week. I aced our first menu quiz, and our second menu quiz didn't happen. It's existence was a threat meant to push us to study harder. It worked for some of us. Others in the group decided to drink all day instead. I studied. I don't know how we're going to open a restaurant in less than a week when we don't have uniforms, food, a liquor license, or a kitchen staff, let alone a wait staff. But if they are confident, I'm confident.

One thing I do know...once this place does finally open it's going to be phenomenal. The food looks and sounds great on the menu, and our drink list--particularly the wines--is extensive.

I'm trying to figure out something to do this weekend that would be fun and spontaneous. It may be my last free weekend until my birthday at the end of June (crab feast - if you're reading this, you might be invited).

Friday is a double whammy celebration. Despite all of us being broke (I have picked up three extra shifts this week at the Capital, which I should have been doing for the past two months), we are celebrating Brad's birthday as well as Sanna's moving to the 'Nooga (Chattanooga, of course) on May 1st. I'll have to split my time accordingly, while still being responsible enough to rest up for my football game Saturday. Although last game I came to hungover, I played quarterback and led us to a 4th quarter (sort of) win. Maybe I should get blasted with Brad while being economically-prudent.

Not much else going on. I'll try to be more regular on the bloggerating.

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