Monday, April 14, 2008

Running: Day 1

I am most likely going to lose track of all these days. I now have three separate counting posts (training, flag football, and running). I'm sure this won't be an every day post...but for now, I'll use it as an introduction.

I finally started running again today. I've never really been in to running as a form of exercise. I realize its benefits. And I love to run for sports...for a purpose. But running to run was boring, not worth the physical toll. Ryan finally convinced me last fall to get some good running shoes and give it a shot with him.

I actually started to enjoy it, but I was traveling too much, and after the first couple weeks we never got in to a good routine. It kind of fell off.

Today was rough. Surprisingly, I didn't get winded. We ran part of the cross country trail behind Annapolis High. I think it's about 2.2 miles. I didn't make it all the way because my shins started burning beyond a tolerable level. I pushed through for awhile, but couldn't make it past a mile and a half. They still burn.

Hopefully, tomorrow I won't be too sore to go again. Since I have a bad thumb--though it is improving--I can't lift for the time being.

Playing tennis with Bill after I finish at The Capital today.

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Anonymous said...

today i walked from pamplin, to deets, to squires, to the bus stop, to home...and was already getting shin splints from that. your one and a half miles is still incredible haha