Thursday, April 24, 2008

Technical Analysis meets Pop Culture

Someone took the time to analyze several songs that have become iconic in pop culture over the past few decades. Will passed this along to me, and I thought I should share it the best way I know how.

We'll start with Meat Loaf.

Next up, we have the brilliant Rick Astley.

You may remember this one from a 'hit' movie a little while back.

Next up, a little Right Said Fred, chalked up to a bar graph for better comprehension.

Next up, we are going to get a little offensive for those of you still harboring warm feelings towards Jacko.

And, for one of the worst songs of all time to make money...Aqua.

This one is clever enough to not need much explanation:

In case you're not sure what you're looking for in a significant other, here's a little flow chart to help you make a decision.

And possibly my favorite, even though the song was a joke in terms of quality music.

Legal Disclaimer: I have no idea where these originated. I'm just spreading the funny, with no intentions of making money. Do not reproduce or distribute these images without explicit permission from the manufacturer. Like I did.

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Collin Williams said...

LOL that is an awesome post! Thanks for sharing... I got a good laugh.