Saturday, April 12, 2008

Flag Monkeys - Game 3

Game 2 for my attendance.

Charlie was back and played quarterback. He was elusive in the pocket, but his throws were not too accurate. It gets a little frustrating. I'd like to get back there. He's gone again next week, so I'll get another shot.

We were playing "Ezee Cougars...Ezee". They have very athletic guys, and average girls. We outmatched them on the girls side, but were pretty badly outmatched on the guy side. I got #1 duties on their best receiver. He was an absolute animal. There was nothing we could do to cover him. I'm not the best coverage corner out there, but I can hold my own, and I'm fast enough to keep up with most guys. This guy worked me all over the field. I could only hope to stay close enough to get his flags after the catch. He got the first touch down of the game under double coverage (little lapse in awareness by the safety, maybe). The first half ended with us trailing 6-0. We got the ball to start the second. Other than this guy, our defense stymied them completely.

Our offense was knocking on the door all day long, but just couldn't cross the goal line.

With about 1:50 left in the game, Will came up with a monster interception. He took off down the field, managed to pitch back to me before having his flags ripped, and I took off. The ref said I stepped out of bounds before getting to the end zone, but I disagree. The crooked side lines were a factor, unfortunately.

Despite that, we had the ball back with two time outs and about 1:30 on the clock. We're moving, but not well.

Finally, we decide to draw up a play where we have two split ends, and I line up in the slot (one guy wide on each side, and me lining up on the right side, but close to the middle of the field). My job was to draw my man and the safety away from the right side. Charlie watched me so the safety locked on his eyes, and at the last second, after I took the defense to the left, he bombed the ball right to Will, who was streaking down the sideline. Caught on the one yard line, tip toed in to the end zone. Score sat at 6-6 with 0:12 seconds left. We failed to convert on the extra point, unfortunately. We should have had it for the win right there.

They got the ball back on the kickoff and had two chances to score, but couldn't. No overtime in SLeagues, so we ended in a tie.

Team record: 1-1-1. Good game, very friendly and competitive.

In the first half, I jammed my thumb trying to catch an underthrown ball across the middle. Worst jam I've ever had. Current thumb condition: iced, wrapped, and inoperable.

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