Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Condo

Soon enough, I bet this condo will get an affectionate nickname, like every other house I've resided in since college. For now, it's just The Condo.

This is an excerpt from an email I sent to my family and loved ones describing the layout with pictures to boot...

These are a couple quick shots of the place so you can see it. Basic layout...just inside the front door is the main living room where the leather furniture is. To the right, immediately, is a half set of stairs leading to the lower level bedrooms and a full bathroom. If you curve around to the right up the half stairs, there is another set of half stairs that leads to the lofted master bedroom, pictured, and another full bath. There are two closets, each almost the size of my old closet on Virginia St, and a full bath with two sinks and a stand up shower.

Back down to the main entrance, the immediate 'foyer' is tiled, but the rest of the place--minus the kitchen, which is also tiled--is carpeted. The living room hooks around in and L-shape to the dining room. Off the side of the living room is our private balcony, with a tree-obstructed view. The balcony is covered and has overhead fans, an outdoor table and four chairs.

The kitchen completes the square in the nook of the L, and is small but nice. All the appliances look new. The oven is spotless, has an electric range top (I guess that's what it's called). There is a vacuum in the house already. I haven't noticed an iron yet, but there might be one.

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