Friday, August 15, 2008

I'm a

Whatever we're called--we that live in Tempe--I'm one of us.

After a sad and stressful day of doing my final packing and saying my last goodbyes, I hopped on my on-time US Airways flight and made my big move. My car had arrived on Wednesday and was waiting out front of my condo.

Carl--one of my two roommates, both of whom are 1L's--picked me up from the airport and we headed to our new home. The condo is ridiculously nice. The furnishings are luxurious, the rooms are big and spacious, the ceilings are high and vaulted. The landlords even supplied us with coat hangers, some water bottles, paper towels, toilet paper, garbage bags, plastic silverware and paper plates, a couple towels. The kitchen is all new, as is the bedroom furniture. Couldn't ask for much more. I'm really looking forward to exploring the area and getting settled in. We can't choose bedrooms until the other roommate, Kirill, makes it here tomorrow. Then it will really start to feel like home.

The flight was a basic flight. No one was sitting directly next to me, so I had a little wiggle room. I slept a little, watched a little of the new Chronicles of Narnia that was the in-flight movie, read a little of Feinstein's "Civil War" about the Army-Navy rivalry, and snacked a little on the little gifts Liz and Mel gave me.

The descent was incredible. At one point, I could see lightning off to the right on the horizon, one of the most beautiful sunsets I've ever seen straight out the window, and sunny blue skies with a few white clouds to the left. The triumvirate of naturally beautiful things was pretty breathtaking. My neck hurts now from straining to take it all in.

We got a little quasi-late night Wendy's for dinner (I hadn't eaten since noon ET). I opted for the Baconator with fries and a Cherry Coke. Yum.

I'll keep posting. I am even considering starting a second blog to deal with law and the world of law school. It will be more like my own personal law review. Hopefully, it will get some readership from the legal world and I will get interactive discussions about the things I'm learning in my classes.

For now, stick to this one. I'll update when the mood strikes me.

Thanks to everyone who made my life in Annapolis memorable. I truly feel missed already, and I miss everyone a lot. Keep in touch.

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