Saturday, August 9, 2008

Opening Ceremonies

This is actually my 100th post. On closer inspection, I realized two of my post counts were unpublished drafts that I forgot about. So, we'll deal with something a little more momentous.

The Olympic Opening Ceremonies were beyond spectacular. Despite all the writing I've done in my life, I can't find words to describe the awe they inspired. I was glued to the television. I have no experience with choreography, dance, pyrotechnics, lights shows, etc., but I can say with certainty that this was one of the most innovative displays of creative genius I have ever witnessed.

The foot print fireworks leading to the stadium were astounding. The LED scroll in the center of the stadium was amazing. The dancers (c. 15,000 performers, none of whom repeated) were apparently using very new age moves. The outfits and costumes were unique and effective. Each 'act' in the show represented a different significant part in Chinese history, and the commentary did a fantastic job of explaining each one.

The wind display representing Confucius' saying was probably the most impressive, but not until the very end when you realized that every motion created in the act was human, and not electronic. The wire suspension acts were great. The lighting of the torch was unique.

The entire Birds Nest Stadium was the perfect venue (obviously, since they designed the stadium with this show in mind).

One thing that threw me off was the procession of each country in to the stadium. So many countries I had never heard of. And others, like Russia and Georgia, came in close together. You wonder how they kept the athletes from showing some animosity for their enemies at war while on center stage.

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Michael Leyson said...

Yeah I hear ya, I wondered about the same thing too like the arab states walking next to Israel. I think in any tough competition though, everyone is the "enemy" at first.