Saturday, August 30, 2008

Next time, maybe get moooore ready...

Clearly the Hokies didn't get my blog post this week. They were obviously not ready to play this morning.

I woke up at 8am on a Saturday morning to try to find a bar that would be open at 9 or to find a web site that would air the game. Two strikes. I settled for the ISP Sports online radio broadcast, which was delayed about 30 seconds. The only thing worse was watching the ESPN Gamecast for the live stats, which was delayed several minutes. I was getting texts about events in the game long before Mike Burnop and Bill Roth told me about them over the air. Not a fun way to watch football.

More importantly, our offense, defense, and special teams were all sub-par. We started out moving the ball very well until 5th year quarterback Sean Glennon threw a goal line interception on his first attempt of the day. Deja vu...

Shortly after, we find ourselves on the goal line again, but this time are stuffed on 4th down. It was so promising, I thought all my worries were for nothing. Then ECU started playing.

It was all downhill from there. We had some great plays here and there, but our defense bought too much in to the 'bend but don't break' philosophy. There was a lot more bending--and far more breaks--than anyone wanted to see.

To cap it all off, we lost after the Pirates scored 14 points in the final 4 minutes (BC last year, anyone?), with the nail in the coffin coming off a blocked punt for a touch down (Beamerball?).

I know the team is young. Expectations are relatively low, despite being the favorite to win our division. That is definitely a sign of how bad our division is, and not how good we are. But a Bud Foster defense should never look like that against a team like ECU (all respect to ECU for being on the rise as a program, I don't mean to discredit them). We all expected this kind of play from the offense.

I'm angry, and the Hokies just sucked all the 'happy that football started' life out of me. Thanks, guys.

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