Sunday, August 17, 2008


We've been assigned about 40 pages of required reading for orientation. Yes, orientation. Not class. Not being graded. Just required reading to be prepared for the lectures we are going to have during orientation. In my new, optimistic mindset, I have decided to view this as a great opportunity to begin to re-train my brain for academia. The readings will, no doubt, help me get better acquainted with the legal world - a world in which I have very little knowledge and experience.

I've gone through three of the five required readings and one suggested reading. I have two short ones left to go. So far, it's all pretty basic. They go over the hierarchy of the courts, the methods for writing briefs, legal writing in general, some important terminology, and some advice on how to best approach legal studies.

"The more you learn about the world of law, the better your reading of cases becomes. The better your reading of cases becomes, the more you will understand class discussion. The more you understand about what's being discussed at multiple levels in class, the better your reading of future cases will become. Eventually, through this cyclical process, you will find that you have become immersed in the language and culture of the law and this once-foreign land will start to feel like home."

-excerpt from "Basic Briefing"

One can only hope.

Last night, the roommates and I met up with some other 1Ls at an apartment. Everyone seemed pretty nice and well put together. I'm still waiting for all the weirdos to come out of the woodwork. I presume tomorrow will be full of just that. I met my first Rubix Cube savant. The kid who hosted the gathering can finish the cube in under a minute and a half. I've seen it. He told me it was really simple, that you just had to understand the algorithms on each level of the cube. Right? Like I said...savant.

On the cab ride back from Scottsdale, I decided I will never take a cab ride back from Scottsdale. The cabbie got lost and tried to charge us the full fare, even though he took us to Mesa by accident. So, $30 later, we made it back safely. He was asking for more than that, but we just handed him the money and got out after a quick argument. I think once we argued, he was just happy to get anything, so he accepted the money and said "Ok."

Some CostCo shopping is on order today I think. We need to fill the house with food so I don't keep having to eat out. I also have to get my text books and car keys from Diane.

But I'm tired and unmotivated already. On the bright side, I won the coin toss and get to start out in the master bedroom. We plan on rotating rooms throughout the year. I'm hoping everyone will become content where they are and we can just stay like this.

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