Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fantasy Football: Part II

Sorry to bore those of you who don't care about football, but my second draft went much better than my first in my eyes. I'm feeling pretty confident about my season, though I have a couple question marks at the moment.

1 (12) Steven Jackson (RB STL)*
2 (13) Drew Brees (QB NO)
3 (36) Ronnie Brown (RB MIA)
4 (37) Braylon Edwards (WR CLE)*
5 (60) Jason Witten (TE DAL)
6 (61) Dwayne Bowe (WR KC)
7 (84) Chris Chambers (WR SD)
8 (85) Kevin Smith (RB DET)
9 (108) Seahawks D/ST
10 (109) Derrick Mason (WR BAL)
11 (132) Aaron Rodgers (QB GB)
12 (133) Greg Olsen (TE CHI)
13 (156) Ben Obomanu (WR SEA)
14 (157) Steve Slaton (RB HOU)
15 (180) Josh Brown (K STL)
16 (181) Devin Hester (WR CHI)

* - indicates keeper

So, those of you that know football, hopefully you will agree with me that this draft was more successful.

In further fantasy 'football' news, I also joined a British Premier League fantasy league. I know next to nothing about the Premier League, but this is a great way to learn.

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