Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Blacksburg Festivities

Very much looking forward to this weekend. As much as I don't need a vacation, I'm looking forward to getting away. I have been bored out of my mind waiting to hear back about jobs, nervous as hell waiting to hear about law school acceptance, and too broke to go out and take my mind off of it.

So, what better way to escape than to go to the cheapest town I've ever been to and spend my woes away. Parental editing is now in effect.

The plan is to leave Thursday night with Joe around 10pm or so. It would be earlier, but he has this grand ol' important dinner with his life counselor that just can't be moved or he'll lose track of his life, his job, and his livelihood. So...late night road trip it is. We should get to the 'burg around 2am most likely. The plan is to entertain ourselves enough during the drive so that it seems like it's flying by. Plans for Thursday night probably include sleeping when we get there. I'm staying in the master bedroom of the Culhane house, thanks to his roommate being in Europe. Score one for me.

Friday during the day, Virginia Tech plays in our quarterfinal game in the ACC tournament at 2, winner of the Miami vs NCState game. We need a win Friday and probably a win Saturday to make the NCAAs. Unfortunately, that means beating either Miami or NCState one day, then going out the next day and beating UNC in Charlotte. After that, we will probably see Duke in the finals, which is another tough game, obviously.

So, chances are we are NIT bound. But I'm okay with that. Greenberg got ACC coach of the year again, we finished 4th in the ACC (instead of the preseason predicted 11th). This was an almost dream season. I remember thinking when we won our 5th ACC game that we had already seriously surpassed expectations, and that any future win would be a surprise. We won four more. Oo-rah.

Friday night is dinner at El Rods for those of us who don't follow the religious code of Jews and go to services. That would be me. And others. I'm excited about the margaritas. Then, story time for the alumni at the AEPi house, and downtown with the kids. Saturday, we have a basketball tournament. I still suck as much as always at bball, but I'm been practicing a little and will hopefully at least be able to hold my own against the slouches on the undergrad team.

Saturday night is semi-formals. I just got set up today with a date, who is a sorority sister of Joe's date. At least if I don't like her, she will have a friend to talk to. Judging by the results of my Facebook inquiries, she knows how to have a good time. And according to Joe's research, she has had good times before.

Sunday is a fraternity brunch, then we hit the road at some point.

Leaving in T-minus 32 hours. And on that note, what is T? Anyone know where that phrase came from?

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dinksquirt said...

"T minus #"

This comes from a countdown convention used in by both the American military and NASA.

Generally, it is used when counting down to a major event that will happen at a specific time.

Mathematically, T is time, minus whatever amount of time is left until the event happens.

aaand why aren't you following the traditions of your fellow Jews?