Wednesday, March 12, 2008

"My Words Need to Be Taken With 8 Grains of Salt"

I think it's time I start having a theme to my bloggerating. I've been doing this long enough--with no real focus--and I think I'm growing a little weary of searching for random fun facts to write about. per my recent entry, "I'd have a prescription for filet", I'm going to start paying closer attention to my daily conversations (of which I have so many) and stealing lines from them for use in topicafying my blogs.

This one struck a chord with me, though the person who said it may not (but likely does) know it. [Edit: As I wrote this...I discovered that she clearly does not know it]I feel like I am usually taken way too seriously. I'm aware that I have a serious, stern look for my normal expression. And I know I can be brutally blunt with people. But the majority of the things I say are not meant to be serious. I like to mix humor in to everything. The people that like me are the people that recognize and appreciate what I have to offer.

People who don't understand (I don't want to say they're dumb...just different) my sense of humor, however, not only don't appreciate it, but don't usually enjoy me.

So how does someone change that? I smile a ton, and it's a full-faced smile. Not some fake, way-to-try-to-please-me grin. I laugh at everything worth laughing at. Yet I am hardly approached by strangers to chat. I've been told that I give off a kind of angry vibe when I'm out in public.

Lately, I've been trying to focus on wearing a happier face. The grimace is never a reflection of my mood. So, anyone who thinks I'm angry looking and too serious, take my words with eight grains of salt. I'm friendly as can be, as long as you're not an idiot.

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Snyder's Shades said...

Well I happen to be a big fan of you, Sam. I understand and appreciate your sense of humor and I always end up laughing a lot during the course of all of our conversations.

Consequently, I think you've also managed to turn me slightly gay...