Thursday, March 6, 2008

Thursday's Happs

Had a relatively productive day today. Relatively is the key word. The life of the pseudo-unemployed lacks eventfulness more often than not.

My day started at 7:45am, at least that's when I woke up. I had a follow up appointment with my ENT at 8:30. I was out of it last night when I set my alarm for 8:30 to make the appointment. Fortunately, thanks to it coming up in conversation, I realized all of a sudden my folly and reset the alarm for a more appropriate time. Rambling... So I get there and it turns out my guy is out for the week and I see an assistant. She talks to me like she's been the one working on me all along. "This looks much better than before, you're making lots of improvement." I had never met her, though she swore we had met previously. Long story short, my prognosis is improving. I got a saline nasal gel to keep my nasals moisturized. Set an appointment to get my ears checked. Got some tipso...proxy...gram..athing...that measured fluid level in my ears. I was within the norm (it printed out a neat little graph that looked like it could have been part of a game on our old Commodore). Nothing to do but sit, do my sinus rinses, apply saline nasal gel, and wait for improvement.

After the doctor, I went to Safeway to grab organic peanut butter and some orange strawberry banana juice for my gym smoothies. I managed to rassle Ryan from bed via text messages at a reasonable time (9:45) to come over and have our ritualistic pre-gym smoothie, then hit the weight room. Cardio was a little basketball shootaround. Gotta do J-work in preparation for the AEPi undergrad-alumni basketball tournament next weekend. Today was shoulders and legs, capped with some abs. Decent work out.

Lunch at Chipotle negated the entire workout, but it was delicious. That is the hot spot.

After lunch, I got dropped off at home, finished up some laundry, took a shower, and resigned myself to the computer for a bit to do some online dealings, a little conversing with friends, you know, the usual.

I finally made myself call Julie about working at the Melting Pot again. I can justify my regression with volunteering at the State's Attorney's office (starts tomorrow morning) and with the prospect of being in law school in six months. Gotta pay the bills, right? Of course, I mustered up all that courage and she didn't answer, nor has she returned my call. I'll try again tomorrow.

Then I went to see Vantage Point. It has been compared to "24" in movie form. A pretty accurate comparison. In what was supposed to be an action packed thriller, I couldn't stop myself from nodding off towards the end. The idea and the premise were good, but the execution left me wanting more. The decent cast wasn't enough to save it.

Things to look forward to this weekend: Matt's birthday outing Friday night (after a possible happy hour outing with Kate and anyone else interested in coming). Flag Monkeys season opener Saturday. Starting quarterback is this guy right here. I'm pointing two thumbs in my own direction.

I'll have game synopses as they come. You can follow our season right here. We are contenders for the title this year, despite losing our top recruit to a preseason ACL injury.

One last thing, vote for me (10s please) in the Rob & Big Best Roommates Contest! I want to win, 'cause I'm a huge dork. The link is up and to the right. Tell your friends.

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