Sunday, March 23, 2008

That's What's Good in the Streets?

Unfortunately, my writer's block seems to have returned lately. I haven't been inspired to bloggerate much in the last week or two. But I'm forcing this one out with what will hopefully be as fun as it is informational. Emphasis on informational, 'cause it's tough to turn basic news in to funny anecdotes.

First things first, my unemployment is nearing its end. And it couldn't be too soon at this point. I start training at Carpaccio on Tuesday. Apparently, the staff there is an all-star team of employees put together from the other three restaurants owned by the same management group. I seem to have fallen in to a good thing almost by accident. But we'll see where it takes me. I've met lots of the staff already and enjoy their company so far.

Next...I got my first law school acceptance letter yesterday. So, no matter what, I'm going to be in law school in the fall. It's a huge weight off my shoulders to know that I got in somewhere. As of now, Villanova is officially an option. Hooray, me!

And finally, it's March Madness. My first round picks were phenomenal. I went 28/32, and two of my botches went to overtime. So I feel like they were good picks either way. Saturday, I didn't do so well. I lost a bunch of teams, but no one that was advancing much further in to the tournament, so no real damage there. Then UCLA took the court against Texas A&M and almost gave me a heart attack. It took a last second shot for my champions to reach the Sweet 16. Nooooot gooooooooood. But for the time being, I'm in 1st or close to it in all three of my pools.

Happy Easter! My family got together at my sister's house for brunch today. It was nice, food was good. My Dad brought lots of candy for everyone, which I'm currently nomming contentedly.

Looking forward to...

UAB at Virginia Tech Monday night.

Orlando/Gainesville for Ross' wedding. Flight leaves first thing Thursday morning out of Dulles.

Earning an income.

That is all.

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Anonymous said...

you should write a graphic story in your next blog.

just sayin is all.