Saturday, March 1, 2008

Funeral Service

We had a relatively informal funeral service today for Kirby. Zach, the handy man that he is, built a pretty nice little wooden coffin for the pup and he and Liz threw in some of Kirby's favorite toys and bedding. My brother drove in from DC, and all of the Renauts met at Zach's Mom's house on the Severn River to have the ceremony. Zach's whole family showed up, as well as Liz's friend, Emily, and her dog Tucker, who was Kirby's best friend.

Kirby and Kaili actually had the exact same favorite toy (they each had their own). Since I never got to bury her (she was cremated), I threw her favorite toy in to the grave with Kirby. I have mixed feelings about the afterlife, but I am hoping Kirby can get it to her somehow.

It was a strangely powerful ceremony. I guess people who have never owned a dog wouldn't understand. Of the 13 people there, Zach was the only one with dry eyes, somehow. I got a little closure with Kaili, using this as an almost symbolic funeral ceremony for her, which I never really had the presence of mind to do before.

Definitely not a fun day, but it was nice. We all sat around chatting afterwards. The Stauffers are very welcoming and were happy to host us. The conversations floated around to all sorts of topics, occasionally going back to fun memories of Kirby. Only thing left to do now is to move on, but always remember him.

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