Monday, March 10, 2008

I'd Have a Prescription for Filet

Maybe it's just being a writer that makes this kind of thing jump out at me. But have you ever been in a conversation where you or your counterpart in conversing says a line that just screams "write that down for later"?

It happened to me today. Unfortunately, I can't figure out a relevant way to use it. So I just titled my blog with it.

The conversation was revolving around vegetarianism, which I don't find particularly natural for humans. I won't judge people who choose that route, but I also won't agree with them. People are designed to eat meat, and we have been eating meat since the beginning of existence. But the problem with a lot of vegetarians is that they are blissfully ignorant of what it really takes to be healthy without one of the main sources of protein in their diet.

I have a friend whose brother was malnourished pretty severely because he was a vegetarian, but knew next to nothing about supplementing his diet with the nutrients that come from meat. His doctor practically ordered him out of vegetarianism. I'm sure it was more tactful and professional than that, and since at least one of my readers knows this story better than I do, I may be corrected for misremembering.

So in the course of the conversation, I noted how nice it would be to have a doctor order you to eat steak every day. "I'd have a prescription for filet." Health insurance would pick up the tab.

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Catalyst said...

So, you're unaware, but gorillas are also vegetarian. Meaning it could be natural for us to be vegetarian also. And I want to reiterate that I DO know how to vegetarianize the correct way, I choose not to because the ultimate goal of it wouldn't be met.