Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Strange Comedy, Part II

For those of you who enjoyed "Strange Comedy", I have good news. Through various research media, I (read: Craig) have delved deeper in to the world of Improv Everywhere, the organization that...well...organized the Frozen Grand Central event. They have done tons of videos in the New York metropolitan area.

Their site,, has links to all of their videos. I haven't sat down and watched all of them. I'm sure not all of them are as funny and impressive as Grand Central, but I bet there are some that are even better.

And, in regards to the Flash Mob Banana Chase at Virginia Tech, this video combines the freezing with the Virginia Tech aspect. It's not as good as the Grand Central or the Banana Chase, but if you imagine you were actually there, it's kinda cool.

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Leper said...

i like that my fun video not only got posted on your blog, but that it got enough excitement to have a round two! it sort of makes talking to you worth my time :-)