Saturday, March 8, 2008

New Chapter

It's on to a new era for me, apparently. After forcing myself to crawl back groveling with my tail between my legs to ask for a job back at the Melting Pot, I finally got a hold of the boss lady after a few unsuccessful attempts.

The conversation didn't exactly go as planned. They don't need any help right now. I could have sworn I was asking them to help me out, but apparently me saying I need work right now didn't convey that message. In a way, I'm glad they said no. Now that I've been turned down, I know now even more what I thought I knew before - I do not want to work there.

So, now I have to explore the limited possibilities of someone who only has about 4 months to play with. I'm applying to substitute teach in the Anne Arundel County Public School system. We all know how great substitute teachers are. The pay isn't great, but it's pay. I just, as I was typing, got off the phone with a friend who is going to try to get me a job at Carpaccios when it opens in Park Place (a few blocks from my house). It's a restaurant job, but at this point I'll take whatever is available.

Who knew law school would be so frustratingly restrictive.

I'm still keeping myself honest with volunteering at the court house in the State's Attorney's office. A big case just came up that starts hearing on Tuesday. I've been told the prosecutor is one of the best to watch in the county, so I am going to take a gander in there next week and see what a real trial is like.

But, for the time being, it looks like I have to tap in to my financial reserves for the Blacksburg trip this weekend and the Florida wedding trip at the end of the month. Here's to a new, more economical me.

One prospective job caught my eye. I have already faxed my resume in. I hope I'm experienced enough.

"SPECIMEN COLLECTOR for administrator of workplace drug free programs. P/T and as needed hours w/min. guarantee. Some medical exper. pref'd. but not necessary."


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