Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ear Tubes, Prednisone, and Volunteer Work

Since most of the people that read this know me personally, you know I had surgery on my sinuses last year. Awful, awful experience. Among other things, they inserted tubes in to my ear canal to help drain fluids. I get chronic sinus infections, which started happening freshman year of college. I blame my roommate from freshman year for that, among many other things. This surgery, which wasn't as bad as the follow up appointments that I'm not going to describe in detail because it is painfully disgusting, was supposed to put an end to them. It didn't.

So here we are, sinus infection going full steam inside my head. My hearing is fading again. I go to my ENT, who was nice enough to bring me in on 2 days notice after initially telling me he was booked through March (via the nice young lady who answered the phone). I go in at 8:15 this morning. First thing, he checks the ears. The tubes are partially dislodged, and are resting either on top of or kind of in my ear drums. The added pressure on the ear drums was causing discomfort, a decrease in hearing, and a strange crackling when I swallowed.

He pulled the tubes out (a little painful on the left side, still kinda sore) and I felt better instantly. My hearing is much better, though probably not perfect (ever again).

On to the sinuses, he had to spray what they affectionately refer to as "Brew" in to my nose to numb the inside of my face. Then, he sticks a hybrid video camera-flashlight tube up through my nose and prods around looking for whatever it is tells him what is wrong with me. Diagnosis: sinus infection. But he called it 'recoverable' as opposed to 'needs more surgery'. So I was pleased. Minimal amounts of pain and discomfort, and a positive diagnosis.

So I'm back on Amoxicillin (antibiotic) and Prednisone (non-anabolic steroid) again for 10 and four days, respectively. I'm thrilled about the Preds. Some people get a serious negative reaction to them. They are a stimulant for me. I get more energy and a better mood, which leads to more productivity and particularly more drive to do work at the gym.

Thank you, modern medicine.

As for the volunteer work portion that you may have noticed in the headline...

I go in tomorrow to the Anne Arundel County District Attorney's office to begin the process of a background check so that I can start volunteering there. It's not for money, obviously, but it will be great experience. Maybe about 10 hours a week, depending on what kind of free time I have.

So, good news all around.

Minnesota in two days.

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Jon said...

Damn our hereditary sinus problems!