Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hokies Stun Twerps, Puke and Rally!

Literally. After Dorenzo Hudson spilled his stomach contents all over the key during a missed Maryland free throw with about 0:59 seconds left in the first half, Virginia Tech got inspired. Chants from the Terrapin student section of "That's disgusting!" did little to discourage our kids.

In a game that started off almost as ugly as the UNC game on Wednesday, the Hokies took their sweet time trying to piece together some sort of team effort. But thanks to the infamous Maryland inconsistency (is Gary Williams actually a good coach?), Tech was able to overcome two separate double-digit deficits (the largest at 14 points in the first half) to win in the final minutes. Nods to Hank Thorns for taking care of the ball, AD Vassallo for finding his stroke, and Jeff Allen for muscling "Boom" out of the paint on his way to a 14 point, 14 rebound show.

For myself, after enduring about 36 minutes of my Maryland alum friend who brought me to the game talking smack and getting uppity and chiding me for just clapping, it was a personal moment of glory when we finally took the lead on an AD 3-pointer with 3:32 left on the clock. Up until that point, the refs were perfect. Maryland was just getting sloppy and was going to tighten up any second. But once we took the lead, the switch flipped. The refs were awful. Our guys were lucky as hell. Maryland sucks. Refs were blowing the game.

I can absolutely understand being upset about a 14 point lead being blown at home to a lesser (arguably) team. But I stayed good humored throughout the entire game.

Glad I went. Got to see some old friends that I don't see too often. Even brokered some ticket sales to get four of them in to the game, which may or may not have been sold out, but was certainly not filled to capacity come game time.

Final score:
Virginia Tech 69
Maryland 65

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