Thursday, February 14, 2008

Words can't describe tragedies like these

Northern Illinois shooting leaves 7 dead, several more wounded.

What in the hell is wrong with the people that do these things? I know the shooting at Virginia Tech wasn't the first of its kind, but by sheer numbers it was the worst in history. One of the biggest fears around the nation was that it would 'inspire' other people to follow suit. It looks like it has. There have been several more shootings around the nation since April. Most recently, a woman opened fire at Louisiana Tech last week, and now this one at Northern Illinois.

It's mind blowing that human beings are capable of something like this. Murders for vengeance, retribution, self-defense, those are things I can recognize as human (not acceptable, but human). But mass shootings of complete strangers? What motivates someone to do that? Things like this make me hope there is a hell, despite my own beliefs. Otherwise, suicide is just an easy way out. Not just easy, but overwhelmingly selfish.

The worst part about it is that, as it says in the article, there's really no way to stop something like this. You can implement whatever kind of warning and crisis systems that you want, but those only kick in after the fact. No one can foresee such a random act of nonsensical violence no matter how efficient their police force is.

This kind of thing hits close to home for me mostly because of what happened at Virginia Tech. I've been to Northern Illinois and made friends while I was there. They all left when Coach Novak retired, as they were all assistant football coaches under him, but that doesn't stop this from feeling a little more personal.

These are the things that make you appreciate the friends you have around you. Especially on a day like Valentine's Day, where everyone is supposed to show some love wherever they go. Even those (sometimes bitter) single folk who have no one specific to share the day with. As I've said before, it's sad that it takes something like this to make you realize how important your daily life is, how much you take it for granted.

Go give someone a hug.

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