Thursday, February 21, 2008

One of my favorite lunch hot spots is going

Chipotle Makes Power From Natural Wind

[The big dogs at Chipotle] have just received approval to add a wind turbine to a new location they're planning to open in Gurnee Mills. The 60-foot propeller laden mast will indeed tower over everything in the area. It will generate six-kilowatts of energy which should be more than enough to power the store. Extra power can be sold back to ComEd.

I guess I'm getting more and more aware of the whole 'going green' movement as I ride the coattails of my family. My brother in particular has become extremely environmentally aware in the past few years, along with his wife. My mom and sister have followed suit, and I imagine my dad will be forced to do the same if he does declare for the Mayoral race again.

Chipotle has always been a go-to spot for me, mostly because it is absolutely delicious. But they pride themselves in being entirely organic and natural. It may be horribly unhealthy as far as Calories and all that hogwash, but they do everything right when it comes to stocking their ingredients. And the latest trend, according to my sister, is to go organic and hope for the best. Eat healthy amounts, eat organic foods, and avoid artificial sweeteners--especially sucralose, aspartame, etc., which are proven (maybe) carcinogens.

On this same tangent...I have recently discovered (been told about) Stevia. An all natural sweet herb that is healthier, and arguably tastier, than sugar. For some strange reason (read: conspiracy), the FDA won't officially approve its use as a food additive, only as a dietary supplement. I think they are trying to keep from cutting profits on their Triangular Trade with Africa and the West Indies (ammunition for slaves, slaves for sugar, molasses, and rum).

It happens to be in my Jay Robb protein, whcih comes highly recommended by trustworthy sources (Joe and Liz).

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