Sunday, February 10, 2008

Welcome to Washington, Jim

He's not quite the flashy, young hotshot I was hoping for, but I won't write Jim Zorn off just yet. After a long, frustrating process, the Redskins finally chose a head coach. Their methods were a little odd; tactics, questionable. They fired both their offensive and defensive coordinators before they hired a new coach. Then, they promoted a new defensive coordinator and hired a new offensive coordinator without a head coach. Once it was clear that Pete Carroll, Jim Mora, and the rest of the big names weren't coming, the 'Skins had to look a little deeper. Spag's wouldn't come from the Giants for whatever reason. And the fans would have rioted had Fassel been named the head coach. So, the Redskins take their newly anointed offensive coordinator and, two weeks later, name him head coach.

Zorn takes over a team that exceeded expectations, going 9-7 and losing to Zorn's former team in the wild card game.

Zorn is bringing a West Coast spread offense to DC, and obviously our personnel isn't quite suited for that. Expect a lot of players to be sent on their merry way during the offseason. Take the new offense and add in the fact that we are significantly over the salary cap at the moment, and it's pretty clear that this summer is going to be tumultuous at best.

Get ready to buy a new jersey, 'cause there is a good chance your favorite Redskin might be changing uniforms really soon.

So, Jim Zorn, good luck to you. You're not young, by industry standards, but you seem youthful enough. Here's to not having to hire a new head coach for a long time.

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