Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Witness to a thriller...girls high school basketball at its finest

The stakes were high, and the teams didn't disappoint. At least, not in the end. Old Mill at South River girls high school basketball pitted two of the counties top three teams against each other. What started out as an embarrassing home blowout at the hands of Old Mill turned in to a pretty exciting last second loss for the home Seahawks.

I'm not sure, legally, what I'm allowed to write here, since I was at the game for another news source. But I can link my article, which brings me back in to the ranks of current professional writers (as in, getting paid to write again).

Old Mill Girls Fend Off South River's Second-Half Rally.

I know, the title could be catchier. But I'm a little rusty. However, thanks to my boss/editor Aaron Gray, this is the first article I've ever submitted that hasn't been butchered by people who get paid much more than me to seemingly not know as much about writing. On the other hand, it is hard to capture the excitement of a game when you are forced to write as an unbiased observer.

Next up, Southern at Severna Park girls basketball on Friday at 5 pm. I know, you are all extremely excited to hear about these games, since most of you have never even heard of these high schools, let alone care about high school basketball in my county.

But hey, support a friend.

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