Thursday, February 14, 2008

Quashed! Trade Talk Terminated

"[Bengals Head Coach Marvin Lewis says] they can stop the presses, quit killing trees and move on to other things ..." because Chad Johnson is staying in Cincinnati whether he likes it or not.

Is this a serious claim, or is Lewis just hoping to up the stock of his player before pushing him like a piece of merchandise? For now, and most likely at least until the summer, I think he's going to stand by his word. If the Bengals trade or release him before June 1st, they take a salary cap hit upwards of $8 million towards 2008's roster. Sounds like pretty good justification for keeping him in the 'Nati for the time being.

Chad was open about wanting a big pay day, despite being the 4th highest paid receiver in the league. Strangely enough, he is represented by Drew Rosenhaus, who many people may recognize from his other identity, Satan. Rosenhaus exemplifies everything that is wrong with pro sports. He doesn't care about the game, about his players, about their teams or their families. He cares about getting paid. He has single-handedly taken the passion out of the NFL. If anyone recalls the string of training camp holdouts that have become the norm of late, then you have seen the work of Drew Rosenhaus.

For now, Danny Boy needs to target another elite wide receiver, because all signs point to a lack of 8-5 in DC.

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